Reaping the Benefits of Working Hard

How many times have I heard somebody say that my generation consists of lazy, arrogant, good-for-nothings? Definitely more times than I care to count!

Millennials are called the “me” generation by the baby boomers and everyone else. They think we live via social media and don’t know what hard work is just because we grew up during a time of huge technological growth.

But I disagree with that wholeheartedly! We are not lazy, close-minded, arrogant, or unrealistic. I believe we just have different priorities. We do not have the same mindset of our parents and grandparents. They always wanted to work hard and prepare for the future. To provide more for us than they had. This is fantastic and I greatly appreciate it, but the world we live in is different now.

Our parents could pay for college by working part-time and in the summers. We work full time and still have to take out loans. And working full time means it’s not possible to finish in 4 years because of how many hours we’re required to take. And a college degree no longer means you’re going to get a good job in your field. It just means you paid thousands of dollars to get an entry level job somewhere.

So we have a different mentality. I think we’re more of a work hard, play hard generation. I’m pretty sure that every person my age that I know would be willing to work overtime every week for a year, if it meant that they could travel wherever they wanted for a month at the end of that year. We don’t save every single penny because we’re too busy living life. We put aside some and play with the rest every chance we get.

I know that I’m kind of at the work hard because I already played hard stage. I had an amazing college experience and now I’m working two minimum wage jobs to pay for that. And I may not always like how much I work, but I don’t regret a second of it because I had an incredible time. And I’m going to spend every penny I have to get my loans paid off as fast as I can so that I can start having fun again.

This is they way we’re going to spend our entire lives. Working hard so that we can go out and have fun. I’m not expecting to retire young, or even want to be completely retired and not doing anything else. That’s just not the world we live in anymore. But I’m happy to work the rest of my life and make it fun as often as possible.


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