Keeping It in Perspective

I’m 22 years old. I’m not married, I don’t have a successful career, and I don’t have any kind of major accomplishments or recognition.

At 22 years old, J.K. Rowling was a broke single mother. Bill Gates was a college drop out. And my parents hadn’t even met.

We always think that we need to have our life figured out quickly. That we need to make it to the next step in order to be happy. But none of this is true. We need to be happy where we are. The next step will come along when we’re ready for it.

I often forget this and I know so many other people who do as well. Happiness isn’t about having a picture perfect life. It’s about enjoying every moment of the life you have.

I’m not in a relationship and that’s okay with me. I don’t have to be with another person in order to be happy. In fact, I won’t be happy with another person unless I’m happy with myself.

I don’t have the career that I want yet. But that’s okay because I still want to be young and have some crazy adventures in my life.

I haven’t been recognized for doing amazing things yet. But I have memories that I never thought I would have the opportunity to make. Maybe the rest of the world doesn’t know how great I am yet, But I have learned how amazing the rest of the world is. And that’s so much more important.

WE’RE YOUNG! Who knows how many years we have left to live?! Stop worrying about all of the things that you haven’t done yet, and start doing something!

Maybe that something is taking a class, reading a new book, or just buying a new outfit. But today, go do something that you’ll remember as great. Because if you do that often enough, someone else will figure out how amazing you are!


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