Be a Living Legend

Ad Astra per Aspera (To the Stars through Difficulty) – The State Motto of Kansas (In honor of Kansas’ 155th birthday on Jan. 29, 2016)

I’m a Kansas girl. I love being a Kansas girl. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. But people wonder why I love it all the time. I constantly hear about how Kansas is flat and boring. That there’s nothing to see or do and that nothing is ever going on there.

But, if you ask me, growing up in Kansas teaches you how to become a legend. As our state motto, and every stereotype ever, suggests, we work hard. You work hard everyday and then when things get rough, you work even harder.

And we know the value of things. We know that a great job with a corner office isn’t really any better than a successful harvest. We know that fame and fortune don’t get you any further in life than a happy family life would. So these are the things we are willing to work hard for: success and happiness. Success in whatever endeavor you choose: a family farm, a job on Wall Street, marriage. And happiness in everything you do, choosing activities that bring you joy and finding happiness in what other people view as an ordinary life.

And of course, us Kansans know how to balance working with partying. A kegger in a field, pot lucks, family reunions, parties on the lake (yes we have those in Kansas), or a wedding reception with hundreds of people. We worked hard for our free time, so you can be that we’re going to enjoy it!

You want to learn how to live a life that other people will admire? Spend some time in Kansas and learn how to reach for the stars!


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