Crazy Little thing Called Life

“It’s a small world after all” (If you say you didn’t sing that in your head, you’re lying).

So, my life has undergone a massive change in the last week. One week ago today I was accepted to medical school! Pretty much everyone understands that this is incredible. But not everyone knows just how hard this was for me.

This was not my first time applying to medical school. Last year, I was rejected by 20 different schools. It’s an understatement to say that this was difficult for my self-confidence. And I was literally as close as possible to getting in to one school as you can be without actually getting in. Like, the person directly ahead of me on the wait-list got in but I didn’t. I was heart broken.

So obviously, last summer was a little bit challenging for me to get through. In fact, this entire year has been weird because I feel as if I’ve been living in limbo. Just getting by and not really working toward a future goal.

But of course, this is not true. We are always working toward our future. I have been a Starbucks barista for 6 months. This is not what I thought I would be doing with my biology degree, but here I am. And I’ve learned a lot (not just about coffee). I’ve learned how to work with people who come from backgrounds completely different from mine. How hard it is to meet people in a completely new city if you’re working all the time. How much fun working can be if you enjoy the little things in each day. And just how much coffee I can drink before I explode!

My customers did not know that I have a college degree, most of them (and my coworkers) assumed I was still a college student since I’m still theoretically young enough to be one. But when I was talking to my coworkers about this application process and what last year had been like for me, they were extremely supportive. They all kept saying that I needed to relax because I was definitely getting in this year, which I just couldn’t believe after last year. And then it happened.

I actually got my acceptance letter on my lunch break. I knew it was coming so I ran home to check my mail and had to come back to work. I called my family first of course, so I had some happy tears on my face and they knew immediately that I had been accepted. I proceeded to spend the next 4 hours bouncing on my shift.

And my customers were just as thrilled. They know something big happened because I have this huge smile on my face and they ask about my life just as I ask about theirs. I even have one regular who has put me in contact with a current medical student so that she can maybe mentor me. She even remembered me because I was her barista one day. I was touched that she remembered me and amazed that he would get in contact with her to try to help me out.

My world is grows larger every time I embark on a new adventure. But it keeps reminding me that it’s really not all that big if you take the time to know the people around you.


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