Life in a Jar

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

We spend somewhere between 12-14 years of our lives in school. Not including the 4-8 years necessary to get a bachelors and then graduate degree so you can afford to send your children to school. That’s almost 22 years of our lives being tested and evaluated, working to improve ourselves.

In order to succeed, you have to stop caring what other people think about you and, more importantly, what they say about you.

Your study habits, what you do for fun, how you blow off steam. None of this actually matters to most people. Or at least, it shouldn’t. My job isn’t to stand here and judge your performance. It’s not even my job to care about how you do. My job is to do my best to succeed. And personally, I hope everyone else around me also succeeds.

But remember, success isn’t possible without failure. You’re never going to succeed at every single thing you try. And failing is actually a good thing. It helps drive you toward success. It keeps you humble which pushes you to work as hard as you can and gives you the chance to be the best you can be.

The problem with our world is that everyone is watching each other. People base their own successes on everybody else’s failure. Which is so not the way we should be functioning. Your future doesn’t control mine. Your success doesn’t define mine.

So stop staring at the people around you, and live your life in a way that makes you proud.


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