Learning How to Deal

“I can’t even” – some really annoying white girl (I can say that, I am a really annoying white girl…..)

How in the world do we ever make it through a single day? I don’t know about the rest of you, but every time I get on the internet, I see something or someone that bothers me and something or someone else that makes me feel inadequate. Which is absolutely ridiculous!

The stuff that bothers me, I usually try to ignore. It is not my job to inform you that Donald Trump is absolutely not the person I want to represent the United States of America. Ever. No matter what you think about his current positions, his past behavior shows that he doesn’t have the self-control necessary to sit in a room full of people who are different from you, look different, think different, and act different, all of whom have power, and not start a war. (I pray for people who think he is a valid option for president, not that I think Hillary is much better.)

But why in the world do I feel inadequate every time I get online?! I’m in medical school. I already have a college degree. I don’t live with my parents and I pay my own bills. I’m currently a success story in the making.

But I feel like I’m lacking simply because I don’t have everything. I’m not getting married or even in a relationship and kids are years down the road. I’m not an Olympian (and never will be!). I don’t have a job that lets me buy a new car or get a fancy apartment. I don’t even live within 200 miles of most of my friends.

Because I see other people who have one or more of these things, I feel like I have to achieve them too in order to be considered a success. But the real success would be finally feeling like I don’t need other people to recognize my success. Intellectually I am aware of this but it’s so difficult to feel that way.

Success stories you don’t see on TV: the person living at home with their parents because their parents would lose their house or don’t have the health to live alone without help. The guy who made your meal because that’s the first job he could find after getting himself off drugs. The single mom who can’t get into grad school because she has to support her children. The teenager who graduated from high school even though she had to convince herself to walk through those doors every day. The guy who entered the work force after high school because he knew that he would prefer to be a mechanic for the rest of his life than get a degree and work in an office.

We all have to figure out how to deal with our insecurities. How to consider ourselves success stories, no matter what we see going on around us. I hope you’re happy with your life, but what you’re doing just doesn’t affect me. My life has absolutely no impact on the value of your life and vice versa. The best thing we can ever do is try to remember that, but never forget to offer a hand up if someone asks us for it.


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