Caffeine Deprived

Guys, I’m doing a thing and it’s not easy….

I’m cutting down on my caffeine intake. Like a lot. I’m only having one cup of coffee a day. ONE CUP! I’m used to like 4 or 5… But since I’m being so good with my coffee intake, I get to have as much caffeinated green tea as I want. Because seriously, how do people function without coffee?!

I’m the girl who worked at starbucks for a year after college because I would have needed to find a $5 an hour raise to be able to afford paying for all of my coffee. I like my espresso and dark roast coffees and blonde roast in the morning for that extra caffeine boost. I love asking for ristretto shots, an extra shot, getting a flat white because I know it gets more espresso, or sneaking in that extra cup that nobody else knows I had.

I love the rich, bitter bite of a shot of espresso that wakes you up and gets you going in the morning. I love the comfort of a hot cup of coffee as I read a textbook that I kind of want to throw out of the window. I love sitting in a coffee shop and people watching when I need to give my brain a break.

But my heart rate was over 80 bpm two weeks ago. This is just not acceptable to me. So, my options are cut my caffeine intake or actually do cardio. And let’s be honest, cardio freaking sucks. I’m actually working on upping my cardio every week so I can go back to my caffeine crazed ways. The good news is that green tea kick starts your metabolism and cardio is good for weight loss, I guess, so maybe this med school diet won’t make me gain 50 pounds if I actually make these changes.

Someday, I will get my coffee habit back. But for now, I’m going to drink my tea and be sad.


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