When Your Opinion is Unpopular

People keep saying that everybody gets offended too easily. Seriously. I have heard almost every person I know say this, I’ve even said it myself. And then, almost every person I know gets offended when a politician, classmate, relative, says something that they don’t agree with. Apparently having opinions means that you are attacking another person who has a different opinion.

Disclaimer: NOT EVERYONE ACTS THIS WAY. I am in no way accusing any particular person of this, I am saying that I have seen it in a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of reasons, with a wide variety of responses. I’ve even had this response myself when I need to vent about something to a friend.

Now for the real truth, my opinion and my beliefs are MY opinion and MY beliefs. What I think cannot change who you are, what you believe, or how you behave. And I’m not trying to.

I live in the United States of America. I am free to express my opinion in a peaceful manner.

I am a human being. I have an opinion. Not a single person in this world can tell me what or how to think. That is not only my right as a person, it’s something that nobody could regulate, even if they tried.

Just because my beliefs don’t match those of the people around me. Or just because they aren’t popular in today’s society does not mean that they are not my beliefs and does not require me to change them.

I don’t mind being in the minority, because at the very least, I can respect myself because I believe that I am doing and acting in the right manner.

And I support anyone and everyone who honestly believes that they are behaving the same way. I want every person in this world to be at peace with the conscience because they are doing what they believe is right.

I hope that we are all open to peaceful and friendly discussion of our different beliefs. I hope that even if we don’t reach a shared opinion, we can respect each other because in the end, we’re all hoping for the best. I hope that even when we disagree we can work together and encourage each other.

You don’t have to share my beliefs to be my friend. But I won’t be your friend if you try to force me to change mine.


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