When you Live in a Terrifying World

Things are changing. That’s what we all hope for when a new president is elected. We want something different. The problem is that different isn’t always better.

As human beings, we are almost never satisfied with what we have. As a nation, it will never be possible to please everybody. Somebody will always feel ostracized, victimized, or ignored by our government. Ending this is not possible.

I can’t change what President Trump chooses to do. I can express my disapproval. I can not vote for his re-election. But when it comes down to it, he was elected and now he gets to affect change.

But I can make sure that my friend whose family lives in Iran, knows that she is not alone. That I will always be there for her. I can provide a holiday destination for classmates who cannot go home to see their families, due to executive order or the cost of the trip. I can support local businesses and communities that have already accepted refugees.

Maybe I can’t make the government work the way I want it to, but I can create positive change in my world.

There are things past presidents have done that I don’t agree with. There are things our new president has done that I don’t agree with. I’m an American and that means that I don’t need to agree with everything our government does. My responsibility is to vote in a manner that agrees with my conscience, treat every person I meet with dignity and respect, and to follow the law.

I’m a medical student. No matter what happens in the government, every person I meet is my patient and I will help them to the best of my ability. Every person I meet deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. I will do my best to make the world around me less terrifying for every person I meet.

No matter what your ethnic, religious, geographic background, I stand with you.


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